Shraddha Walkar Murder Case: Aftab’s Parents Knew About Complaint Filed in 2020 I Times Now

Contrary to Aftab Poonawalla’s claim that the murder was done in the “heat of the moment”, evidence indicates that the crime was carefully and meticulously planned. Shraddha’s complaint letter filed 2 years ago is one such strong indicator. In fact, Aftab’s parents also knew about the 2020 letter but, neither they nor the police took any concrete action. Instead, his parents pacified Shraddha into retracting the complaint. The question then remains - will Aftab’s parents be booked for their unexplained absence? Earlier, on Thursday, the accused parents were questioned about their involvement. Watch the full video to find out more. #timesnow #aftabpoonawalla #shraddhawalkarcase #shraddhamurdercase #aftabmurdercase #latestupdates Times Now - Times Now News channel examines news with in-depth analysis. We provide much more than the latest news and breaking news of the day. Times Network houses upscale television channels. Times Network takes the lead with its ground-breaking innovation and disruption of a new content category. The Times Network channels, which have a global footprint in 100 countries, inform, entertain, and engage viewers of all ages with fascinating and intriguing content, news, and information. Subscribe to our channel - Check out our website: Times Now News App : Connect with us on our social media handles: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Subscribe to our other network channels: Times Now Navbharat: Zoom: Mirror Now: ET Now: TN+: Pushed via Slike ... Read More


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