Bushman Ghillie Suit Prank | Funny Scare Pranks

How funny would it be scaring the crap out of people dressed as a bush? As discreetly as possible this guy in his ghillie suit, which is camouflage clothing that is made to resemble foliage, hid in some bushes in an effort to scare pedestrians as they passed by. PRNK is YouTube’s channel for the best pranks around. If you like pranks, prank fails, need prank ideas, or just want to laugh at some people, this is the prank channel for you! Look no further for new pranks, classic pranks, or simple practical jokes. Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PRNK-168258616853039/ To license any of the clips go to jukinvideo.com ... Read More


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