Telling a Drunk Marine He Has A Mexican Son (animated prank call)

I got a request to prank call a guy’s cranky grandfather, Nick. He would often cross the border and sleep around with escorts when he was drunk and a marine. I call him up as Juan and tell him a woman he slept with years ago got pregnant with his child, and he has a Mexican son. Quick, somebody call Maury! I also had to throw in a few bonus calls featuring Tyrone, Buk Lau, and Alexander ;) Uncensored pranks, live streams, and more on patreon: Request a prank on my website! Follow Ownage Pranks: Facebook: Twitter: 2nd channel / Reveals: Instagram: Want to get credit for adding translated closed-captions, titles or descriptions on this video? Click the gear icon and go to Subtitles/CC then to Add subtitles or CC! Ownage Pranks is a channel devoted to prank calls. With over nine misfit characters voiced by one comedian, Ownage Pranks brings you a weekly dose of unscripted and improvised pranks that are sure to make you fall out of your seat laughing. What began as a hobby to entertain friends in 2004 has since evolved into the most subscribed prank call channel on YouTube! Join the OP Crew by subscribing and tune in every week to catch our hilarious, wild and outrageous pranks! ... Read More


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