UK Gets Caught Buying Russian Oil Worth Millions | Europe | Rishi Sunak | Russia Ukraine War

UK Gets Caught Buying Russian Oil Worth Millions | Europe | Russia Ukraine War Kyiv’s allies have realized they can’t afford to stay away from Russian energy for long. We have seen the repercussions and misery it brought to the ordinary citizen. Such has been the double standards of the West. Promising Ukraine full support but then dealing with Russia through the backdoors. The latest to hop onto the hypocrisy bandwagon is the United Kingdom. An explosive report has debunked all claims of full support to Kyiv by the Rishi Sunak-led nation. Watch to know more ------ Russia Ukraine War | Russian Oil | UK Buying Russian Oil | UK | Rishi Sunak | Ukraine | Russia | Vladimir Putin | Zelensky #russiaukrainewar #uk #russianoil #rishisunak #ukrussia #unitedkingdom #europe #russiasanctions #oil #latestnews #firstpost | n18oc_world Subscribe to Firstpost YouTube channel to never miss a video: Follow Firstpost on Instagram: @firstpost Follow Firstpost on Facebook: @firstpostin Music Credits: V.I.P.N - "THIS IS ALL I HAVE" DEEP TRAP BEAT | No Copyright Trap V.I.P.N ... Read More


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