Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution Review // The Best 4X4 Ever Made

The 1997 Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution (~$40-50,000 USD) is the epitome of gnarly 90s style. Built to demolish the grueling long distance Dakar Rally, these rally-homologated SUVs are nothing short of legend. A 276 horsepower naturally aspirated V6 is shielded by twin hood scoops, Torsen differentials are used in both the front and rear, and long-travel independent suspension adorns every corner. Between the extremely successful rally heritage, and the undeniably attractive styling, there isn’t one un-cool thing about this SUV. Just don’t look up what Pajero means in Spanish… We hope you enjoy the episode. SUBSCRIBE! A massive thank you to Ray for loaning us his pristine Pajero Evo and to Eclection Auto for connecting us. EXTRA THROTTLE HOUSE! Throttle House Merch! Instagram! Facebook! Editor: Daniel Mason and Karston Chong Sound: Harrison Dickson and Daniel Mason and Karston Chong Magical Genius Logistics Planners: James Engelsman and Gregory DeCaire Music from and #Mitsubishi #Dakar #Evo ... Read More


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