France witnesses fresh protests over Macron’s pension plans | France | Emmanuel Macron

More than 1.27 million people participated in a second wave of coordinated protest against Emmanuel Macron’s unpopular plan to raise the retirement age to 64. Transport, schools and the energy sector were severely hit by strike action on Tuesday. France’s opposition is likely to take advantage of the situation and call out for more strikes. Without a majority, the Macron government will have to rely on the right-wing for support as much as the ruling parties’ own MPs. ---- France | Pension Reforms | Strikes | Protests | Demonstrations | Macron Government | Pension Reforms | Retirement Age | Macron Pension Reforms | Top Headlines| World News| Latest News | #Macron #emmanuelmacron #france #pensionreform #pension #french #macronpensionreform #france #topheadlines #worldnews #latestnews #firstpost | n18oc_world Subscribe to Firstpost YouTube channel to never miss a video: Follow Firstpost on Instagram: @firstpost Follow Firstpost on Facebook: @firstpostin Music Credits: Elegy (YouTube Video Library) ... Read More


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